Thursday, February 11, 2010

You be you.

Life occurred very busy to the subject below lately,he hasn't manage to buy his new year clothes and get himself prepared to embrace the Chinese New Year.

Above is the depicted subject,whose being a notably self obsessed individual.Apparently,that is his working space.

And last week,he made his lifetime initiative to take part of the English Elocution Competition,and now he is trying very hard from every bit to his mettle to get nominated in the coming preliminary session.More,if you know this subject in person,you would have known he is a comedic orientated individual,whose cannot get serious at any cost,not at ALL.Thus,elocution competition is pictured as a massive disaster for him,and more this will be his very first attempt ever.

The reason behind of this picture is used to remind the subject to be diligent and reason his psyche towards technology.The only force that is beyond any steroids or nitrous you would have seen before,proprietorially comes from the person.

Substituting the word"Tonaekoda" meaning 'You are Mine' in korean is the key to unlock all the potentials hidden behind.

Subject is keeping his fingers crossed for
  • A victory in English Elocution Competition
  • Success of his Undang Test
  • Thrive of SPM
  • Scholarship Opportunities
And these would be probably his sense of optimism to embrace the Chinese New Year.And deemed as the'Now or Never' in his milestone.

Well,here are the things the 'subject' needed to complete after the Chinese New Year holiday.

Lastly,subject would like to wish all his friends for a resplendent and auspicious Chinese New Year!Moving Forward!


aLAn said...

Take me to other fun place after you pass the driving test. Haha.
Just kidding

SkyChin said...

No problem,until I passed my driving test lo.XD

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