Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hoot! Life Update


It's coming to the end of this one-week holiday,many of the things happened.First it's about my body,have been having hypo for the consecutive days and neither this wee hour.For your information,hypo is a condition where diabetes suffer low blood sugar,it may bring lethal :/

Regarding to the plan which I wrote previously,I'd say that it was generally failed and screwed up.The pressure is coming back to me as you would obviously know that SPM is coming to the shore in 30days more.Kinda worried but let's hope that I could tackle my add math for the time being.

That makes me FAKE
Lately,I tend to lose trust to some of the people whom I used to trust them to the extent that we were as if life mates.But then,I came to realise that they have really had their credibility bankrupted.I hardly get to find friends that can pick me up and listen to my rantings who eventually not turning back to me.Not to say that I have now gradually developing some kind of paranoid tendency to avoid schooling,I feel nauseous when you talk to me about schooling.Don't know.I just hate to see some nuisances there,You had to live in disguise and nod still when someone is apparently mocking or threatening you.You'd smile back when they mock you WTF.Fucking absurd. Is it not..?The most unbearable thing that I cannot contain is how they use my weakness to make fun,tease me.Like?"Hey,are you that weak(Diabetes)?Hmmm,well you don't."

Off for the sulky part of me,I'm going to promote SNSD hoot teaser here.They will be coming out the 3rd mini Album,Hoot! on the 27th of October.Fans being very busy preordering albums and camping for the live release every night.The idols are equally busy as the fans,heard that they have just finished performed in Singapore and coming back to Korea by the 1.35am flight.Pity them,well wish them healthy in this course.

Hoot Teaser! MV will be released on the 25th,that's tomorrow!

Looking back
When I come to look back in my past,I pretty much regretted for not putting more efforts in math.It really turned me down,a lot.Joel sent me the link of the 2011 KGSP,I was kinda worried now.I don't seem to have fulfilled their basic criteria,might be pondering for some other ways besides KGSP.Frankly speaking,I really damn regretted..Ugghh

Somehow,I had no point mulling over that now.Still betting my last chance on SPM,hoping for some windfall to save the day. :(


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