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2010 | Looking back

Here I come to the year end post,an annual ritual for I'd conclude everything that happened in the whole year.Frankly speaking,2010 wasn't seem to be a year for me,it was like a 2-year course.It all started to be hectic from last year December,when I had just completed my form 4 and things started to pace up out of me.Attending camps,doing paperwork,coming back school for duty that basically ruined the life of me.There was never a week without things tied to my weekend,I could always get to sleep only at 12-1am.

I compromised all the time mostly to the concern of society and school affairs.I did everything to serve and dedicate to the society,but things happened awful when I was entangled into interpersonal issue.Things happened when arrogance took place in one's,for how they were intoxicated into bossing with their power and fade into oblivion.Truthfully,the society went to a downfall as I was busy having controversy with that douche,she likes to boss people and made things complicated when comes to solving problem.

After all,the society was all scattered with administrative contradiction,everyone had no intention to serve but to run away from responsibilities.I've lost interest into doing my part.The surrounding mates were fading away in sincerity,they treat promises like changing clothes.

Part of the resolution,I wish my successor could really bring back the once glory in the old days.I'd still confess that I'm still loving the Computer Society.Wish to see the continuation of the Extreme PC Fair :) Don't like to ruin my love to the Society just because I despise someone there,you don't really want to make enemy in real life do you.

For the better
Other than that little self-crisis,I learned to see people in a greater angle.I comprehend people fast.I know who is showing sincerity in words,wits,talking and gestures.Even among the friends,I don't find many are true friends.Friends are many,you don't make true friends by not making friends.On the contrary,citing from the movie The Social Network,you don't get to make 500 friends without making a few enemies.That's true!

I am no longer like I was,I don't entertain people whom I don't like,I just won't fake anything.If I hate you,I will openly confront you like a hateful man.*rage off

2010 was a fruitful one for me,I've achieved a lot of things despite some were not going on my way.Somehow,these have made me maturer one in future.

Am I looking like IpMan for that gesture?Well I have made out of my first attempt into elocution competition.What would really amazing was how I had finally proceeded to the Final with all the first-timer sweats and adrenaline.Thanks Ms Ong and Jason for helping me in that competition :)

In addition,my work had chosen to represent CHKL in the NIE contest.We came out with a really hilarious video in a hectic holiday somewhere June.Thanks Ms Ong for the opportunity and Jason for the help :)

Not to mention my wee part of success in BM essay competition which earned me a consolation prize.

Lastly,I continued to be the representative of school to participate in the 3C/Viewnet Digital Competition.But then,we lost to the other school at last.I was really sad and felt let-down to the mates back then.But things got faded by time as I quickly happened to deal with SPM later.

A turn point
The most devastating self-crisis happened to me in the September.That moment which I had zero tolerance to uncertainties in mind.While SPM trial was around the corner,I was really lost to embrace failures especially in something I found really hard to deal with.

The 2 weeks awaiting for the resiting for my JPJ test was a true ordeal.I suffered phobia from the inner and endured the tight-killer schedule during the pre-exam days.Moreover,my skin has worsened a lot until it has not recovered now,felt distressed with my skin problem :(

Fortunately with all the blessings,I passed the second round of test with all the joy and tears.Looking back to that snippet,it was the hardest time in the 2010. Sigh*

For that time being,I started to practice firmly in my chanting and see things in better ways.That helped me to deal with the latter challenges.

2010 was a roller-coaster ride for me,brought me ups and downs to the tightest rate.Somehow I felt this year was the best one irregardless of the problems struck me like never before.In earnest prayer,I'm looking forward to the 2011 in a good hope.Wish I could really get into a great school,wish I could really improve myself for the better,wish I could really grant an opportunity in pursuing my dreams.

With hope,
Embracing 2011



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