Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rants of the period

This is an uncommon wee hour post,my life clock has been in haywire especially in the holiday period.It's a holiday that has no end on its length which previously the motivation I conceived while completing my A2 exam.In reality,it's not something you expect from a holiday,free time and slacking over.I still have deadlines and responsibilities to attend to,so I wonder whether I should continue to crank more things into this so called"sedentary" period.

Tried to look for jobs and found out it's either my schedule cannot fit in,get ditched or the pay is unreasonable.Since I'm someone who is already preoccupied,so I am looking for something that is far rewarding than just doing a waiter or promoter.Kinda frustrated as if I am not earning anything but leeching on the parents.And the worse nightmare is my future,I am now at the verge of fate and decision.Not sure whether I am fortunate to go to a prestigious university or would I really destine to stay in MY?Result is coming out on the 22nd.

More,a significant part of me is against my latest will to go into Accounting or Business field.From the very first time,I dreamed of studying Journalism and got confused and started to doubt whether going into that of Accounting or Business field would be the right choice.But now I am starting from the scratch again,wanting to do Communication Studies,which is practically Journalism again.To decide between your academic forte and personal liking is a tough decision.

From my hunch,2013 is going to be a revolutionary year for me.It's going to be a substantial change on my environment and the people I am meeting.Not sure whether not getting employed at the moment is a good opportunity to breathe or basically just not in luck?I really hope the hard work and portfolios I made from the past would pay off,really want to get into a good university PLEASE.


SkyChin-The Author.

SkyChin-The Author.
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