Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The best nigtmare

Well,I am sure everyone had their 2013 embraced.For me,my first day of the 2013 was the death of my life-nod HDD.The worst thing is,warranty is overdue but luckily I always have a good habit of keeping backups of my precious photos in another HDD.

But the real nightmare happened when I hook up my 2TB master backup HDD and installed Windows 8 to revive my workstation thinking that Windows 8 is gonna be like the 7 separating the existing directories and push in the system files.Who knew that Windows 8 formatted the root section and made it so clean that it's now with 1.83TB free space.I nearly freaked out and passed out at the instance.

At first I was struck in a daze,nothing  worse when all your sole copy of life photos for the past so many years gone in a glimpse.Fortunately,I managed to calm down and punched in some search on the internet and found some HDD recovery software that allows unformatting recovery.Then,the more challenging task is to find the crack out of this rare breed software.It's so hard to look for crack or keygen when these softwares are not even used by the mass.But somehow I managed to find the crack.

The whole night was a sleepless one,imagine losing all your photos in the past that would mean your life never happened in the past lol.That feeling,you get me?

Retrieving the files wasn't only about probability and a painstaking long hours of putting it on the scan,it requires you to sort out all the recovered files hidden or disguised in the system files.I was playing hide and seek with my memories the whole night,renaming/sorting out "jpg" files.Then finally,the recovered files weren't in their right title or name,you"ll need to rename them and compile them back.The most crucial thing is,you"ll need a massive HDD space to allow complete retrieval,but in this case,I don't have one since the 2TB one is my biggest HDD and it tragically happened to be that one.

Then the whole thing took me a whole night,only slept for a few hours and woke up.All and all thankfully I could recover back the pictures but my KPOP and KDRAMA were all GONE *sobs*Not having any bigger HDD here,the sad thing is.


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