Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birthday Report! is my birthday ady.Wuhuu..i think lowyat's people still the warmest community.
The most wishes of birthday is from there also.Thank you LYN..haha friends soulchild,alexaner,qingyan,jiayi,dachuan,primary school friends,my bro also remembered my birthday.Im so happy..And perhaps tomorrow dont have any exam for me..i wan to relax today.LoL! New Updated Part.1.00pm i just received my friend's present at the mailbox at house gate.Haha..when i opened the little box.I was surprised,he gave me a bunch of candies LoL.

When i opened the box,many kind of flavour there example strawberry,orange,cola,Hacks,Mentos,Mango,Mint,and much more.I smell a strong candy smell from the box.Haha..its very colourful lol.My friend dachuan,his reason for giving this is,he claim that himself had run out of idea for my present,so he decided to give me candies cuz of candies might be what i basically needs LoL.
And finally also my mum's gift,and i got my 1st cake LoL!Its sugarfree mum claim it..wuhuu its from secret recipe,the slogan is"fine cakes"Hehe..i kinda wan to eat it now also..and some snacks like crackers and candies.


BlackJeanz said...

haha..i love tis post so much xD

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