Saturday, October 17, 2009


Bravo,exam had finished and I was playing like a mad theseday.We went to LYP to get my brothar's friend some ingredients for his new pc,we then assembled them in our own place.Things were got mess up when we took the wrong mobo and rushed from traffic jams to get back the proper mobo.However things were going right as we managed to assemble all the stuffs in mere few hours.

This was the mobo which I had took it wrongly,look at the ram dimms.They were red and orange in color.[AM2+]

This is the proper mobo,look at the ram dimms.I was tempted on there when we realized the wrong mobo was taken back.Impressive camouflage Gigabyte has there..=.=[AM3]


Besides that,we had also went for movie at 1 Utama at the next day.We seen the movie Surrogates and it was awesome!The story tells a futuristic world with robotic surrogates,everyone lives in the city with a robotic surrogate.For instance,if you are damn old to go for clubbing,then you would be fine with a 20 years old surrogate and use it to compliment your needs.

The story met its climax when the founder of surrogate has invented a new weapon to turn off the robotics century.Nevertheless,the weapon will kill the surrogate and the real operator(The people),a police officer Tom Greer is delegated with the mission to eliminate the weapon from harming the human beings.Alright,that's the brief of the story and you might wanted to watch it yourself I think.

What do you call a hater?Haters are basically a flock of assholes which are bored and leave negative comments on your blog whose are terribly threatening.I had met some yesterday,they were invading me in the chatbox and said I'm a 12yr old mature which writes stupid article,oh comon if you are so gifted,then GTFO from my blog and try to write something better than me.Blek Blek Blek!!!

Since that incident,I had decided to remove the cbox from my site.Seriously it could be a serious threat for haters to abuse my blog.Some of them were leaving their own blog url to leech traffics,Heck they dont know what is penning ethnics.

I have found an interesting video here,this practically scold the haters.Courtesy of nigahiga,a famous youtube star that detests haters.

I admire of his expression,haters GTFO!Practice to love and not hate do you acknowledge with me dont you?


BlackJeanz said...

lol haha ya haters sux
higaniga is so dam funny wakaka x)


Anonymous said...

LOL, you really post it on your blog i thought you were joking, btw you didnt find the video, whatever, i dont care, so how is the hater issue going on with you, still getting stupid comments?

SkyChin said...

That fella had fled off from my sight edy,now is just peace.

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