Thursday, November 4, 2010


Life has paced up a lot more faster as time goes,I'm basically occupied by pressure.Just completed the 2011 Preliminary of IT Digital Competition,and I was chosen into the top 5 after a ruthless competition among the candidates.

It might sound convincing,but I was generally Not happy.My successor was left out as the 6th nominee,couldn't blame him much for that.I held a lot of expectation on him back then,just cheered and motivated him in IM,let's hope he may able to carry on for the future competition while I'm no longer staying in CHKL.But luck sometimes is rendered as the factor,too.

During the preparation until today,I came to feel that competition transforms one to be inhumane.By just having the passion to gadgetry is not relevant for that,you'd to compete against each other and even compromise your integrity in the course to procure something that everyone always deems as admiration.The organizer is keen in promoting their products,magazines and the stuff,while contestants are striving every bit of effort to win and winner will end up standing on the stage holding their banner and the big cheque board.What about the school?They are as if punters betting in horse race,and exploit the $ upon winning.

But I do have some sweet memory back then,miss that time contesting with Joel and Kian Chung,the most excitement I had in those days. :|

Flashback: Joel was snapping his contestant sticker back then,our very first time participating in IT Quiz.I remembered that we even went through a lot of places to find the venue,UCSI which had both North and South Wings.Lucikly we managed to find that place and being jeopardized into many of the circumstances during the competition,it was like riding roller-coaster.Ever since that time,I proven the formula of abstinence that contributed as a factor of our victory.LOL It was like yesterday,the memory is still coursing in my blood.Don't know the both of them are still having that memory? :D

Preparation for SPM is undergoing,but I shall now plan things more carefully,Shouldn't be only doing math only,I had Science and some other subjects flunked in the trial as well.This year is definitely the year that I struggled and suffered the most-I would tangibly fore-conclude without having to wait until the end of year.'Things may be hard,but it renders you to be a better person.'This key idea constantly coursing in my mind,or I wouldn't have striven that hard either.

Tomorrow is public holiday,wish all the SPMers luck on their revision. Fighting! Additionally,Hoot has arrived at verz home,Sifu will be taking the album for me next week. :DD Hope can get Taengoo's photocard.


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