Monday, June 27, 2011

Life Update

A quick post about my recent happening,tomorrow is my General Paper test.Nothing much to prepare,but I'm still a little anxious as it would mark my first test ever over my A lvl course.

I have also started some nutrient enrichment plan to put on some weight lately,bought the Appeton Weight Gain powder to give it a try.It's always been my dream to put on weight since many years ago,but I hardly got the urge to kick start with this initiative.

Everyone is busy I'd bet,life has come to a faster pace.Assignments,homework and social affairs are challenging my productivity.You can't put others into standstill by only giving priority to one thing,things have to be constantly get done in the real rat race.

My trusty LG Cookie is finally made naked without the screen film now.Due to heavy scratches on the screen film,it's hard to use the phone with fingers.So I have finally decided to take off the film and use it with the naked screen instead.Time flies,it's been 3 years since I bought this phone,it has been serving me well regardless of some drawbacks like jerkiness and technical glitches that appeared once in a while(Auto restart,hangs).Look back to the post when I first bought it if you're nostalgic enough.

My tweeting existence owes to this phone as well,it may not have wifi nor 3G but I still manage to tweet with the text tweeting service-tweet2me.With some minor cosmetic wears,I could conjecture this phone is still well kept by me.Love it,no further intention in changing the phone.


X2JIA said...

All the best for ur exams! :)

SkyChin said...

Thanks :)

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