Tuesday, December 30, 2008

31th the last day of 2008!

I guess everyone likes December right?With Christmas and new year ceremony abounded tough,for me I apparently like December.Nevertheless,December and especially today is a pretty meaningful day for every individual.Thus,we can evaluate what we did in this year whenever it's sweet,sulk or ordinary ones.In my opinion then,I felt that this year was a great year tough,despite there were tons of disasters,regrets as well as economies recession.

So,let me evaluate my monthly caches,

When I was first stepped into the 3Ping's ground,my notions were really not great either.Because I met up many of dorks,jerks as well as bitches inside there.You know,like Ying Jie,Mei Hui these kind of rubbishes?[Can I call them a pile of rubbishes?]

But hopefully,I still managed to confronted some great friends like Derrick,Jason,Eng Peng,William and Xian Tong.Apparently for Derrick,I have had met him before that at form1.Basically,that time we're still not much familiar of each others I guess.I"ll elaborate further regards of him.You know what?Great Friends are meant to assist nor save you when your're in a fucking trouble.Here at every glances and details,I could either determine whose my pure friends while whose are those fucking FFK friends.[FFK=Fong Fei Kei in cantonese]

We met some great nor freak teacher tough,like Chee Chee,Lim,Loh etc.Let me defferenciate them later.First month was really not interesting as it's just beginning right?

All it's enough for school stuffs,that month my bro was transferred to its whole new world as he's taking his first year foundation right after graduated from.So we frequently traveling between KL to Kampar as well.Although he was not used to it in early,but at last he'd copped throughout the new environment.While I begun my PMR and UEC journey since that time,stress and constrains are increasing as time between exams are near and nearer.

Meantime,Datuk Chua had been explicited with sex scandal hence he resigned all his places in the political heaven.Thus,was the most astonished news which amazed peoples that a Datuk would have sex scandals.What's ridiculous was even Pasar Malams were also selling his"Movie" tough,but the DVDs were no longer available as they have had stopped it from distributing.

Chinese New Year was there,but seems this year everyone is not joyful when came to new year.As usual we went back to hometown,and everyone was like very silent perhaps.At the same month,I had been chosen as the assistant of science subject.By the way,I enjoyed to be the assistant of science throughout this year.Thanks to Chee Chee for giving me this opportunity .

Edison Chen was also been assassinated with sex scandals after no longer Datuk Chua's scandal.This time was more insane,the scandal involved more than 10 Hong Kong celebrities which making them to lose fortune and future in this entertainment industry.While Edison Chen did an apology to the public while saying that he was not a good example for the youngs and claim that he would do more charity in order to heal his souls throughout the incident.He also had retired from the entertainment business in order to take responsible regarding to this scandal.

Nevertheless,our class were keep in talking about this thing when in class.Btw,the videos are spreading throughout the school tremendously.

Malaysia had a political tsunami due to the national election held on 8th.Thus,BN has a massive defeat opposed to the PKR which granted many of states especially Penang which was being a stronghold of BN in the past time.

I started my blog and made an article about DIY popcorn as the kickstart of the page.Still remember anot?You guys can check back the March's posts from my homepage.

Which is the month of my birthday,I received a box of sweets from dc and presents from mums only.Haizz..but it's ok at least I got presents what?More,I got my new digital camera-A590IS which I'm using now for daily blogging.

Pikom PC Fair 2008 I was held on that month too,still remember the posted babes and booths pictures?Hehe

May was a busy month also,nothing much to write here.I was busying on exams and homeworks I guess.

Also I let go my little fish which took me 4yrs in feeding it,I thrown it at the Taman Tasik there.Which reduced my liability of life,Bye Bye my little fish!

I did a Windows Cracking Passwords video at that month,which guiding and teaching people to crack a passwords from the windows.Sounds evil huh?

June was an interesting and troublefull month also,I got my Zen's death and sent it into RMA.While Dachuan's HDD was dead too,he then changed a new one after my quick diagnoses on his pc.

At teacher's day,I and Derrick presented a "special gift" to our science teacher as appreciation.I still remembered our teacher was shocked by the present! you guess what's the present contains huh?Click here to find out!

Mid year results was out that time,I got 64.++%,but after some correction due to their reckless typing.I suppose to get 65% respectively.

"Today we lose in our Computer Knowledge competition.Once again,sorry to my teamate Joel,my fault actually.I shouldn't bet massively with them,if not we will not lose likely."Sadly,which is my most regretful thing in this year...haizz

And this month was actually not a great month tough,dilemmas and sabotaj are spreading widely about me.Damn..I cant cope with it!

We made our very 2nd Comp Society Video which I'm the one of the casts.Hehe..this version are much funnier than the first one.

Olympic 2008 was held on this month respectively at Beijing.That time is 8th which exactly is my bro's bday.I remembered that day is Friday right?Hehe..The cultural performances were spectacular and magnificent!Really,It's an honour of us!We're chinese too!

September was also a very busy month for students like us.Which,PMR and UEC trials are coming and I was been forced to study like hell.

I bought my new Nike Backpack and Mid autumn was on that month too.

October This month was actually the end of pain for us,PMR and UEC were been settled down in this month.My holidays are starting after these exams,which I begin to hangout with peoples to KTV,shopping as well.

More,Hari Raya are situated at this month also.Our pleasant and generous neigbours gave us some cookies and traditionals cuisines during the festivals.Thanks to them,I never met such great neighbours like them.=)

Went to the Pangkor Island with the class.I was enjoyed and rejuvenated in that trip.Thus,we played and sleep togther throughout the night..Hehe

Guan Sheng and Jian Lian became closer to me,we seems very please with each others.Not bad huh?

While,I bought my phenom this month.Which is,My first time in assembling a pc,and using HD4850 now.Hehe..I anticipated this upgrades since last year ady.Besides that,I migrated from 110mb to a fully official .com

December is a very busy month,but not in studies!Hehe..I went shopping,camps,PC Fair too.This time,I take the snaps myself.Thus,thanks to Ubeyou for motivated me of taking babe shots.Hehe..

And been severals hangout on this month with Derrick,I know he's going back to German not used to be.

Basically,2008 was a medicore year.Not too good,Not too bad.But physically and mentally,I'd improved much in many manners.Thanks to everyone for guiding & supporting me.

Here's my simple 2009 brief speechs,Welcome to 2009 with my warmest regards!


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