Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hari Raya Hangout Today..~.~

Today is Muslim's New year aka Hari Raya,as malays went back to their hometown,therefore we decided to go to Mid Valley.

Other than that,we also receive some adorable raya foods from our nice neighbours.

Colourful cakes+Tradition Ketupat+Some Curry Chickens

Mid Valley

We enjoyed some chinese cuisines at there like LapChiongRice,Gongbou rice as well as Grill Duck.Overall foods are fabulous and I like the enviroment.I also met my science teacher there with his husband shopping there lol.Once I saw her,I tempted a while and greet with them..XD

Nevertheless,we had tired walking all the round in this Huge Mid Valley.Finally we back to home at 5Pm respectively.Basically,this Raya Holiday is meaningful and awesome!


Davis Chai @ Ah Chai said...

that raya's food not for u lah!
for ur mum lah!!!!

i am paid to spam!

SkyChin said...

For whole family ma..Hehe,anyway I haven go eat these things yet.XD

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