Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tension is lethal

*Sigh* Sky is no longer soaked with sweats anymore.. just went back home from LRT station.Had karaoke session with Jason today.

The people around me happened to be very emotional nowadays,they tend to feed into temper and some might resort to hurting themselves.Really worried me..I am entangled into dilemma of telling it to someone or not,but if I were to remain in gag,what do I do to help him?Well,my form 5 classhood seen to be very important to me,and I shall not afford to lose a friend that you know.. if he would commit that thing,it will be a painful experience to us and himself. I really hope that I could help him,merely a little bit would be enough.

Life is full of tensions lately,I have a heavy agenda undergoing my school chores and society affairs thus isolated me from blogging all over.While I was very lucky to stand a consolation place in BM essay competition,my first achievement in this year either.

Yesterday I just went to hospital again for my periodical diabetes meet,well my health didn't turn to be very favorable lately.And I had no choice to bring down my blood sugar,else I would have lived a dull future,very cruel.


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