Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back to School

After a long hiatus from schooling,now I'm back to school doing my A lvl in TarCollege again.The first week was all hectic to me,had been running around for the paperwork and the so called 'freshmen briefings'.

Not long after I quit working for the past 3 months,I had only enjoyed some time resting at home.Nevertheless,it's all paid off after getting my iPad 2 later on in the 29th.Talking about iPad,it's really useful especially when I'm in the campus.

Thank that TarCollege has a wide coverage of access point letting us to get online at no where.Basically iPad is really nice to use there,I just need to whip out from the bag and start surfing.The good thing is also because TarCollege's internet speed is quite commendable,my social networking existence has never been compromised so far.

Somehow,the only thing I'm not contented is because the JB hasn't come out.So a lot of features are hampered in the tablet.Keeping fingers crossed that JB can come out in soonest possible for iPad2.

My DIY passport photos are with me all the time especially in the orientation week,who ever knows that I'd have needed them for filling up application forms.It would be even better if they allow me to use this for my student id.

Here is a picture about my student id. Light Glare was specially designed to cover my bar code number lol.

The freshmen are provided with the TarCollege printed pendrive upon registration.The merchandises are quite practical I think.You also got a whistle tied along with the student id holder for emergency use.

I bumped into a lot of friends at the same time during the week.Alicia,Xue Yun,Haru are the ones whom I always met them in the campus.The school is seriously big compared to CHKL,I even got lost for several times during the week,but subsequently I found that it's quite easy to navigate actually.

A level isn't the easier thing over UEC,some of my seniors are pressured to maintain a satisfactory grade,if the result isn't complying, the scholarship would be redrawn without mercy.This is quite a challenge for me as I have not been excelling in my secondary school,gonna work very hard to maintain my scholarship seriously.

I was about to sign up for the supplementary Korean Language Class,but I took back the application in afraid that my timetable would clash with it.So I'm still dwelling whether to go for it.

p/s Some of the pictures are edited by NoiseNinja,the pictures were taken by my small A590IS.Quite impressive from the aspect of artificial noise reduction regardless of some degradation in IQ.


Anonymous said...

hey! imma TARCIAN too! welcome to our family. HAHAHAH.
wonder you still remember me. :P

SkyChin said...

Yeah,look forward to meeting you.What school you're in?

Anonymous said...

Im in SOT. studying architecture. :D i usually hiding in the block B, next to SPUS block. peek me if you can. HAHA

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