Monday, June 27, 2011

Life Update

A quick post about my recent happening,tomorrow is my General Paper test.Nothing much to prepare,but I'm still a little anxious as it would mark my first test ever over my A lvl course.

I have also started some nutrient enrichment plan to put on some weight lately,bought the Appeton Weight Gain powder to give it a try.It's always been my dream to put on weight since many years ago,but I hardly got the urge to kick start with this initiative.

Everyone is busy I'd bet,life has come to a faster pace.Assignments,homework and social affairs are challenging my productivity.You can't put others into standstill by only giving priority to one thing,things have to be constantly get done in the real rat race.

My trusty LG Cookie is finally made naked without the screen film now.Due to heavy scratches on the screen film,it's hard to use the phone with fingers.So I have finally decided to take off the film and use it with the naked screen instead.Time flies,it's been 3 years since I bought this phone,it has been serving me well regardless of some drawbacks like jerkiness and technical glitches that appeared once in a while(Auto restart,hangs).Look back to the post when I first bought it if you're nostalgic enough.

My tweeting existence owes to this phone as well,it may not have wifi nor 3G but I still manage to tweet with the text tweeting service-tweet2me.With some minor cosmetic wears,I could conjecture this phone is still well kept by me.Love it,no further intention in changing the phone.
Sunday, June 12, 2011

Relive the strength

Holiday is coming to an end today(Sunday),the past 2 weeks had been really long but short because I momentarily don't feel like leaving these heaven days without the need to wake up early in the morning.

We would question our enthusiasm when work and study overwhelmed our life.It would be hard to think about moving forward after having taken care of all the tasks you already have in hand.During the holiday,I started to succumb into procrastination,just after the first month of school life.

Before the holiday,everyday had almost drained off my strength,classes were not really too much,but the timetable was terrible.I hate few hours of interval between classes and you needed to fritter time in the school waiting for the next class.Travel around hall to class,class to hall really turned my strength off.I was merely looking forward to Weekend.

Some may say don't do it just because the sake of doing it,but this saying isn't always feasible to any situation.Because if you do,it would hamper you from moving forward.By the nature of devil in our heart,we would not want to strive in hardship nor worship persistence.By being too obsessed of being yourself,you would stagger out of the track.That devil is always gonna knock you from doing right,because you're desperate.

At times,we really need the thought of doing it just for the sake doing it to carry on your life and dream on the right path.When procrastination takes place,you need the urge to drive you through the temptation from your surroundings.By only attending to your hardships,you grow from them and find that you're one step closer to your dream.

After going through the many courses in these 2 weeks,I shall begin to get back to school life and get back to the once vivacious Me.Translation work has come back to me again,just received 3 articles from Jack,will start working to it anytime I'm free.

But for the afternoon,I will need to take care of some school revision before the opening of school.Economics and Business Study are on the list,way to go.Hope those who felt unambitious like me before could get back into actions like what I am now :)
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flash fever

Just had a really miserable time in the past two days having fever after I had wine and groundnuts during night.You know when you just hit 18,having liquor is one of the excitements,I was really an obedient boy back then,never had wine before I hit 18.To the scale of mine,I mean anything less than one gulp doesn't count.

That night I had started to feel unease with the throat,but still gave in as it was hardly a chance to have liquor with the bro as he comes back only once in a while.So consequently I developed a fever in the wee hours and turned down stair to get some medicine,gargling and whatsoever means that could save me from succumbing to that fever.

The next morning was a little better but the fever made its way back during the night,then the next day I felt better again with another dose of medicine.Wouldn't put it past that it would come back again,now I'm managing it with heavy consumption of water to keep the heat away.Still,the throat is aching which I guess it takes more time to cure.

Lesson is to not take wine and groundnuts when you're feeling under the weather,it could seriously lead to fatal fever.

Saw this video on youtube,

This video has raked up for 1,305,193,present in youtube.

I was really amazed by his tragic upbringing and the magnificent voice.It's really sensational seeing a boy chasing after his dream with the excruciating hardships in his life.I was somehow driven by his enthusiasm in a big or more or less a tiny part.

I wish him all the best in the competition,may he walk away with the championship.

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