Saturday, June 7, 2008

Watched Kungfu Panda Today!

Today went to Kepong Jusco Metro Prima to watch Kungfu Panda with my mum.After taken our lunch,we went to kepong jusco alrdy.When reach the TGV cinema,i saw many of people are queue-ing there,but obviously the process are just fast than i expect.After not more than 10 mins,we queue from the end reached the front part and will be serve after one more people.

Overall my ratings for this TGV cinema was not very good,the cinema smells uncomfortable,and the cinema's screen contrast are so dull and like ancient display ones,but we still manage to watch the stunning effects scene.So conclusion,if watching movies?Dont go TGV,go GSC.Better Choice.

4.40pm after bought the tickets,as time is still early,we went for a snack break at the creepo store which selling their creepo's at rm5.90 each.Oh fuck it,freaking expensive i wonder how they make it?Just some flour adding some vegetables and hotdogs.Luckily is paid by mum,but the taste is really Gorgeous,i think the money is really worth for since it tastes great.

Stories Summaries
Kungfu Panda Story is talking about a fat panda which working as a mee hookers with his dad's recipe stands a chance to go to the Kungfu's Hill to learn kungfu.And fortunately,he was chosen by the Turtle(Which is the master of the kungfu's school) and claimed panda is the Dragon warior to fight with the Tai Long(The ex student of shifu which was a bad).The end is the kungfu panda acted as zero to hero and defeated Tai Long as from his efforts.


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