Thursday, January 1, 2009

[First Breathes of Everything,]1st January 2009!



Everything regards 2008 is considered as pass,our new life has begun today! "Last year"[Can I say last year instead of yesterday?] was really fun party at Long's house.This time I brought my best friend-Derrick to there as well.

Initially everyone was astonished with him,and I guess our clothes are darn adorable.Thanks to Giordano's 50% mega sales held on last year December.Both of us were wearing Giordano's shirt that day.As Derrick did not brought any nice clothes,therefore I lent my new one to him.XD

*I know I know*....It must be awesome if you guys would have a friend like me which will volunteering to give my own new clothes' virginity to friends.I did that yesterday!Hehe..Perhaps Derrick would looked charms with that clothes!

Perhaps that party was very great,when we confronting girls and friends there.Btw,some of them are really annoying,which harassed you when you're being very thrilling.Besides,those girls are pretty conservative as we tried to talk with them but unfortunately they did not acted too amicable I think.Only got one of them,which[Sorry girl,my fault of not knowing your name =)] we more felt welcomed by her,she took pictures with us without a refusing wits.I and Derrick apparently appreciated for it!


Right after 12am,everything has came to 2009!They spraying each others with the artificial snow and we're joining them too.Overall it was pretty fun and crazy,and here with conjunction with my post here I apologize to Long's family for messing up their home lol.

We then went home at approximately 12.30,Derrick accomodated at my home that night.We watched movie until 4am and were freaking tired that time.We then slept right after the movie and woke at 9am.So we only managed to sleep about 5hours only!

This evening,Derrick finally went back at 4pm.We sent him to the nearest Railway station and greeted leaving after that.

Lastly,I would like to thank Derrick for accompanying me throughout theseday since 30th.You're my best friend and perhaps I dont have any gift for you before you leave is not a regret.You know why?Because our relations have had just a beginning,there's still a long way for us to go.So in my opinion,you're not leaving me unless you dont have internet!

So Derrick,I would like to say that perhaps after years we"ll definitely changed drastically and when the time we once to meet again would be the time we'd achieved something great or magnificent.I will study hard!So you are Derrick!

More pictures kindly refer from my friendster page!


Anonymous said...

Dude i look fucking good...

SkyChin said...

I thought us?Huh?Hehe

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