Monday, January 18, 2010

The reason that I had a fever

The namely 'Remedy Meal' but indeed failed to save the world.

FYI,I dunno why did I fall ill for so many days,seriously I was seeing so great at the morning of Thursday.And exactly from that moment to now,this would be the period that took me sick,unlike last time,I would have struggled for few more days before the ill worsened.And for people who know me in person,they certainly understand that I might take a long recovering period once I have gotten a fever.

For some reasons,I did not go to the doctor by the time the fever was coming to me.I was taking heavy vegetables like tomatoes,fruits in effort to bring down the fever.But they eventually happened to vain.At the afternoon,the fever did not come down either,I finally succumbed myself to medicine and went to see a doctor.

Many of you might be thinking if I were playing tick-tock ponteng again,but this time it's heck real one.I really fell sick.And the past few days were miseries for me,especially the first day when I was having a 39c high fever and hovering on the bed.Things then got better when Gatorade shown up to save the day,I felt gradually better and my lip was less cracking.

I quenched 4 bottles of Gatorade,it's better than 100PLUS trust me,less sweet,rapid hydration.

While the next day and the rest,I was recovering by a slow pace and indeed having some fever.That was the reason I am not going back to school.In theseday,many of the caring texts and calls were really bringing me to recover faster than I could expected.I like to pay my gratitude by saying Thank you to all of them including all the teachers and friends.

Lastly,take care all of you,nothing is more precious than health.
When it get ruined,the same will happen to you as well.

Tomorrow is going back to work,Go!Daebak!


智权 said...

u really fever anot???haha

Alicia Cheng said...

Take good care and get well soon (: And yes , 100Plus does help (=

Re Zhyquan : FEVER GOT FAKE ONE MEH! -___-

Anonymous said...

First day:"skychin ponteng ar?"
Second day:" he ponteng two days? O.o"
Third day:"eh...something not right ler...perhaps he really fever liao..."

Take care of yourself eh...rarely see you got more..
What's a gatorade? carbonated drinks also?

SkyChin said...

Can I be a selective reader?

@Alicia Cheng
Ya,I dont drink 100 Plus because the sugar content is too much,Gatorade only costs me 7g of carbo for the entire bottle.Anyway,thanks for the concern.

@Axel Kee
Ya,this time is real d a.

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