Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I will be driving!

I have enrolled into the driving school yesterday,I will be heading for road seminar in this Sunday.Driving is sort of fun and useful especially you are living in this city,without a vehicle is really hard to you and you know it's no difference compared to living in rural city since you couldn't go anywhere right.

  1. I can go hospital by my own in sooner
  2. More TT(Teh Tarik),phototrip sessions apparently!
  3. A necessity to Adult Life
  4. And many indeed,could not figure out now.
  1. Petrol a!!!
  2. Manual Transmission is going to disable your feets in long hour-jam
There are 500 questions within the booklet,I am going to read it by casualty during my free time.Also one of my major target in this year,I will be working hard to achieve them by the end of Q2.

Last,Sonyuh's second album is going to debut on the 28th.Kindly support them and hwaiting!

p/s I have placed my pre-order now,what speak you?Action!


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