Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Am I in? Yes you did!

Am I in?"Yes you did!"Answered Ms Shirley Ong when I was trying to notify her that I could not find the result notice of the competition at the ELS (English Language Society,that confused me when the fella making announcement could actually try to speak in full name wtf.) board while Ms Shirley Ong had had read through the result list earlier than what I tried to.That on the contrary,I was the one who liked to give her surprise,but she surprised me in the first place.

It was pretty inconceivable that I have finally made into the final of English Elocution Competition.I like pay my gratitude here for all the'Gratz' and 'Congratz' made by all the friends,yes I will try harder this time!

Ultimately,thanks to the power of Taeyeon photocard and a lot of courage given by the friends.

Would like to thank Lee for his willingness to exchange my Yuri photo card with this.The also major source of my fighting spirit.

Another good news,my mum finally open her mouth asking for some SNSD videos to be transfered into her netbook.Saying she is so out of curiosity that why am I so hooked up with these girls,"The long-leg ladies"my mum called it.

And what dumbfound me is,the video playback is quite decent playing on the netbook.And what I infer will be serious jerkiness but it turned out great and abit of slow down when trying to open the file.It surprised as well wtf.




For your information,I am running Windows 7 Ultimate with Windows Media Player and it turned out very decent playing 1080P content!


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