Sunday, March 22, 2009

Holiday is VITAL for everyone.

Holiday may be interpret as a remedy to replenish your soul and mind within the busy life particularly for a student.

A short period of break will definitely arise you from a crop to a hunk!Whichever,in mentally or physically,within these holiday I had attained much many of things like everyone would does.(*Unless you're not motivated enough,but dont worry you will be motivated from now,after you "finish" my post.XD)+

My Holiday Agenda.

Train with Chrome and Pumping
Physical appearance is particular important to me,I wish to train for a more firm,hunk,muscular body.Most of all,my arm would be the first thing to bear in,practicing chrome for 50X per hand and managed to pump for 10 times simultaneously(Compared to previously 5 times can take me down alrdy).

Besides practicing with bicycle machine to enhance to metabolism and the feet as well.Actually,in usual I've used to practicing while coincidentally in holiday were more vigorous.

Venture on Joomla

Joomla known as the most prevalent and profound CMS system,working on with this system.Friday we guys had a small meeting regards Chong Hwa Site's facelift.In conjunction with that,I would required to learn Joomla.

Little confession here,that day many of the members were absent(Badly known as FFK),god damned Chin Yen,Kai Wen broke their promise right on that day,

"Chin Yen:I was in Johor,so how could I come back?"
Comon la,since you know tomorrow is the presentation,so why the hell you still going to Johor indeed?And more here,so you would used to prepare something in the last minutes la?I bet the presentation would be a 15mins work la.

"Kai Wen:Huh?Meeting?You did not told me?Did you?"Called him in the next day
I was like WTF?Being infuriated harshly!Blablala..

Perhaps in future my studio will be using Joomla?Asking me,Dunno.Haha

Attended a seminar regards of "Debt of Gratidue and the Goods and Evils" organised by SGM Region 3.

Been enlighten today,despite I had been embraced this religion for over 15years+ and counting.But when comes to the true understandings,I was inferior than a person whom embraced the religion less than 5 yrs.So quite ashamed here,I solemnly vow that I would take a depth to study regards of the 3 Great Laws of this NMHRGY.

Most of these,I had granted a chance to interact with the senior members as well as the junior members.We were having a great conversation within the seminar which I deemed it was a favourable seminar.I was enlighten and will immerse to the study of "Shokobuku" as well as the others.=)

"Religion may takes place in the obstacles"
When someone or whosoever were in a desperate or a need of it,thereby it may only comes in time!

Resting on an escapade that no ones will harass or interrupt you,catch up with TVB dramas and HD rips.The best way to pamper yourself throughout the tulip day.=)


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SkyChin-The Author.
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