Saturday, March 14, 2009

CHKL 90th Anniversary Ceremony?Does everyone embracing within?

Yesterday was the school's anniversary,but does anyone embracing along?No!The school had neglected us,they've only invited the form6 students to the ceremony.Yesterday,the entire 3 periods we all were in classroom.

How could they do that?I used up my tears and sweats to raise funds for them,yet now we got ended with such threat.WTF!

Due to their abandonment,we did our stuffs in the class.
The presence of PSP is apparently welcomed in such situation.

Corsairs Performance Ram?Dont be fouled with the box,there's something expensive than that.Guess what?

These are the legendary of Konami's cards.Will cost you a thousands if each of them are selling@RM2.XD..but you know it's not priced like this huh?

My class has a community which they usually play this kind of cards.I dont know why they're being such mad on these cards.Imagine you're recycling the cards [$$$$$$$] into paper sheets!

Some of them are doing paintings.Thus,can be pondering as the only legitimate activities throughout the class !lulz

This is my form teacher-William Ng.Aka Fatty,he's like a shark fins soup hawker.He was bull-shitting in front the students while frittering off the time.

Most of all,I deemed that yesterday was a waste of time.I should have not go to school if I knew this earlier.Btw,it's holiday now!I went for a hair cut,now enjoying my TVB dramas-珠光宝气.Did you guys watched before?[I bet I'm the one who being the last to watch it!]


Before and After,so which one is better?I like the previous one.=p


Anonymous said...

lizediFeel bad for chong hwa, after seeing your blog, I realize chong hwa hasn't change at all. God bless chong hwa. Dude, hope you realize this year is an important year, try hard in school, I want to see a computer genius in a few years.

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