Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today is our school 90th anniversary charity jogathon,I woke up at 5.30am.Yesterday was Earth Day Hour,so I sleep earlier than usual,despite that I was still unable to get into sleep.Perhaps,was being anticipated for the "race".

Morning 5.30am,after took my breakfast and the equipments',I then went to Padang Merbok.I guess among of my friends,I was the earliest to reached there.You know,as Jason,Zhi Chen have not reach yet.


Initially we were asked to queue into classes and report ourselves on,everything was conjested and damn crowded.The school was unable to control the "riot" peoples,I was harassed by a stupid man which blame me of pouring dirt on him.I reiterated I did not!But he was damn rude you know,he scolded me.."SOHAI" aka asshole.=.=*Feel like hitting him*But I'm wisdom enough to take it,he was scolding himselves,dont he.

Yucccks..the dirt are splashing on their feet,we got dirty before the race starts.*Pap head*

Scenery of KL Tower as at 7am! Captured by my precious Cookie,3.0Megapixels CMOS lens,not bad huh?


Today which actually I have no need to participate the race,despite that, I wish to let everyone knows that I'm able to jog well too.I'm no longer the weakest,I'm a diabetes,but I could managed to finish the race and remain in conscious state.

Besides,coincidentally I met Kok Ming at there.He said he was "cari makan" at there,with his bunch of friends like haur,long and the few girls.We did not talk much as I leave at 9.30am after the entire race.

A little confession here,I had confronted over 3times of hypo(*Low blood sugar level,also known as hypoglesemia) today,I guess perhaps could be the hectic exercise.In this regards,I was really like faint down just right finish the race,and I slowly walk down to the complex and get a sit for cooldown.


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