Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5 things you should learn from Edwin!


First time to review regards an individual here,thereby Edwin will be the first candidate to be brought to the judgmental.For nutshell,Edwin is friend of both myself and my brother.Thus,he's a freak!A form similar to an Ipod Nano 3rd generation,Edwin will definitely stands out for both physical and his peculiarities.

1.Game with Devotions!
Undoubtedly game is the true remedy to joy and please you up within the atmosphere,conversely if you dont game and what sort of things will thrill your ass on?But the way Edwin play is definitely different,he game on everywhere,anytime,any mood!=)

Edwin is a full-time gamer,a title will takes less than 2 weeks within to finish.For him,gaming is kind of vital to life.But he prefers in simultaneous condition,he "chews" up more than 3 titles throughout the rainy day.Edwin may even plays FPS game at the middle of night without dizziness,I really cant stand of him!XD

[Playing FightNight on the road without making an accident is definitely a TALENT!Coi!Coi!XD ]

2.Eat More!
"A man must bear with a tremendous appetite and dream"quoted Edwin.Edwin being reiterating Eat and Drink always!He would travel far apart even the place is alternately west and east in order to dine for the best.In this regards,my brother had been influenced by him as well.Therefore,when my brother is back,the delicacies seduction will makes me abide with their "path".Haha

3.Play with "Touch"
The road warior-Omnia,The Everything in Latin

"Touch Screens"is undisputed the incarnation of the future technology,so whosoever bear in future you need not lose your fingers! Edwin is a maniac in "touch" gizmos,or should I call an enthusiast.Edwin would spend much in touchscreens phones,tablet as well as desktop perhaps.Yupe,a touchscreens gadget will remarkably makes you stand out within the crowd!

4.Shop without hesitation!

"Why I were being thinking so long huh?..*Nagging on his own*"Plead Edwin when he bought something fancy.This tell us that shop with lust but not the price,I solemnly learn from him.Nevertheless,Edwin which also a greedy one,will dominate the thing if took his sight off.XD

Opposed to mine,Edwin being contemplated as a success one.Not to say Edwin,everyone is lured by the temptation of women.But Edwin's surroundings is definitely what I were dreaming for,I wish to be as him.Tons and Piles of chic are in his study!You desperate for it,dont you.

Most of all,these are the "ingredients" for Edwin,by the way Congratulation you have meet the Star the day!XD

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SkyChin-The Author.
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