Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life Shots..

Just got enlightenment from the forumers,A picture everyday,keeps away the dust and moles.As a dedicated trigger-happy,I must obligate myself to snap a picture everyday,in order to boost my shutter clock.Hehe

You know,my A590IS would probably has 10k+ shutter counts,which is obviously less for its age.And anyone tells me the tool used to check my canon's shutter count?I know exif is for Nikon's one,but does not works for Canon.

ISO200|1/13|6mm|F3.4|Canon A590IS
Instant Noodle+half boil egg>Mamak's Foods,took on today when I was came back from school and felt effing hungry.

Taken by LGKP500 aka Cookie,F2.8 that's all I know for the information
This photo is taken when my bro and I driven to the Sate Kajang when we were hunting for foods at the middle of night.But unfortunately,muslims close their restuarant earlier in the month of Ramadan,so we ended up with nothing there.*!@#$%^


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SkyChin-The Author.
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