Saturday, March 7, 2009

Superb experience with BLURAY RIP titles.

This time going to write about movie review,which my first torrented HD RIP movie within the cloud.Virgin Territory,it was actually a movie of 2007.I think this release would be the second one as the DVD rip one.Virgin Teritory was like an old opera movie, classic novel such as “The Decameron" by Giovanni Boccaccio.Thus,added with a little bit more fancy "comedy" elements.

Dont get fouled by the front printings,it's actually a comedy or you may call an opera.Haha..despite it's pretty lame but it's like literature's somewhat jokes.XD You could laugh at the subtitles,the wits were very distinctive and flawless,in the meantime it wont abandon the importance to serves as comedy for the audience.I'd learnt many of words there,HAHA

Obviously,the pictures are crisp and vibrant in color reproduction.I bet you wont get amused by any DVD rips anymore after seen any of HD rips.Hehe

It's a nightmare SLUT! "I Dont love you!Get the XXXX off!"XD

Lorenzo was pissed off..

Final words,no regret and sulk for this movie for definitely[Took me 4 weeks for dl due to slow network speed].HD titles really soothing your eyes,Virgin Territory is a great choice for people who wish to learn some fancy witz and phrases from literature.Watch this instead of reading those books! I give 4 out of 5!Awesome!


Anonymous said...

Dude, hows the movie, something like harold&kumar, or wedding crasher. If it is i'll definitely watch it.Lol..

SkyChin said...

It's totally different,it's about a story in a little teritory.Everyone is virgin,then the dudes went to the town and fxxx.

But mostly it's a love story.

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