Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Assessment Test Days

Did a test regarding to the IT Center Broadband Connection.Since today is the Assessment Test Week,apparently the people coming here will eventually less.So I did a speedtest and some practical surfing test with the connection.Unfortunately the result is not promising,the pages loads as slow as normal days although the people are kinda less.Maybe they limit the connection using the QOS[Click to know for more info] method?What is QOS[Known as Quality of Service].I guess the IT room management limit the QOS to each I/O of PCs in the IT center.Thats why the connection is kinda slow right?Izzit logic?So Im thinking what's the way to unlock the limitation?Hehe..still in question mind..perhaps can find a way to surf faster right?

Here is the bencmark done by

The connection not even exceeds 1Mb/s right?Since its a static IP connection,it should exceeds 2 mb/s respectively.So what i suspect is the QOS limitation done by their router.


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