Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hopes high as Obama takes Administration!


"The first African-American to become U.S. president will take his oath against the backdrop of plunging world stock markets, prospects of a drawn-out U.S. and global downturn, a trillion dollar federal deficit and fears of more crippling bank losses."

By tomorrow in our country time,Barrack Obama is going to take on the vision of all Americans with pride.Thus,one of my idol too,Barrack Obama is an influential person who being anticipated to bring back the economy circumstances!

Not to be too acerbic,perhaps not to have any people are going to assasinate him.I damn scare,cuz you know..last time also the same thing happened to an African.But let's forget about this as it wont happen I doubt and Pray!=D

Good Day American!Good Day Obama!This year I'm probally same as you which are going to elevate myself to a new level of magnificent!=)


x2jia said...

yea.that me x)
0kay =)

SkyChin said...

So you're studying at which class?Like not so familiar with your face.:)

Add me to IM's also,

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Anonymous said...

As an american, I believe obama will succeed , but no one knows until he does it. I hope he could be the first man to succeed the american dream.

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